On the tree covered cliff
På den skogsklädda klippan

A common saying in Sweden has it that a man from Småland would survive, even if left alone on a cliff in the sea. The county of Småland upheaves itself considerably, compared to the surrounding Swedish counties. It has a rougher climate and, in many places, rather poor soils. This clearly has kindled the creative abilities of its people, but also has led to a large emigration. Covered with woods in which mysterious creatures are said to dwell, Småland makes the appearance of a large forest-covered cliff, that perpetually challenges its inhabitants. During several visits this year I have begun to explore visual aspects of the life there, and tried to encode them by photographic means.


Selectet Pictures from the Exhibition of photography during the Småländischen Kulturtage in the Museum Europäischer Kulturen Staatliche Museen zu Berlin in Berlin-Dahlem, 31st July – 29th August 2015