January demonstrations Luxemburg-Liebknecht in Berlin

Annual commemorative demonstration for Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht in January in Berlin, 1975 until 1990

The photographs of this series were taken during the demonstrations in the districts Friedrichshain, Lichtenberg und Friedrichsfelde, starting at Frankfurter Allee, and ending at the ‘”Gedenkstätte der Sozialisten” in Berlin Lichtenberg.
I took the first picture of this series from a window in Jessnerstrasse in 1975. It was then that I had the initial idea to document the demonstrations regularly.
The people came to the underground station at the Tierpark by tram, bus and car in order to get to the meeting points or to join the protest marches. I only saw this many cars parked in front of my house once a year.
The cityscapes seen on this day with their distinct aesthetics mean a lot to me. Just as the group of people on their way home.

25 photographs